Are the Women & Men treated Equally in Sports? – The Gender Inequality

Yes, Women’s Sports get a lesser media coverage compared to the Men’s game. Is it because women are weaker than men? Hell no!

Equally in Sports

Both men and women have different body structure and hormone characteristics- but does that allow anyone to treat them differently? It’s so wrong. Let’s check out some facts:

  • 2 million more of the men get enrolled in the sports than women.
  • Only 0.4% of the total investment goes into the women’s sports development.
  • Considering all the sports, tennis is the most highly paid game for the women.
  • Now, 70% of the sports have kept the same prize money for the men and women. But the remaining 30% will account for the differences in millions.
  • A women coach working at college earn 63 cents against the dollar earned by the Men Coach.

What do these facts indicate?

Are the Women & Men treated Equally in Sports?

The glass ceilings set on the Women is the main reason for them being treated differently than men. When I asked about this gender inequality in sports, one of the former female Rugby players mentioned that her salary was the same as that of a retired England Rugby Player. There will be many untold embarrassing moments that women would have faced in general.

Recalling one such incident, the female player mentioned how one male journalist mistook her for a server and asked ‘could I get one more plate of this?’. She adds, no one can’t actually blame the journalist – this is all because of the lesser media coverage of the women’s game.

On asking the TV station guys, they say, there is less number of audience who wants to watch the women’s sports. While the people say – we don’t get to see any women’s match on TV, so how to watch it!?

Well, it’s something that has to be fought unitedly. Women, have to be strong-willed, brave, and dedicated enough – if they really want to see some change.

For this, we need the support of both men and women. We should start discussing the issues, set up a debate on the same and try to bring the solutions out. There should not be any kind of gender difference in work, life, and definitely NOT IN SPORTS. Let’s make the way for the young talented girls out there just like we do for the sons!

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