Latest Changes in the Olympic Games & Other Sports Programmes

Well, before getting started. The changes that you will read across here are one of a kind, that means it’s happening for the first-ever time in the Olympic Games!

Olympic Games

The EB – Executive Board of the Olympic Games made some announcements regarding the changes they wish to include for the Beijing Olympics 2022. The number one change is the higher number of the female representatives for the game, and the other one is the lesser number of participants than the maximum number mentioned in the Olympics Chart.

Latest Changes in the Olympic Games & Other Sports Programmes

You will find new game additions which include monobob, freestyle ski big air, and the dynamically mixed formats in the short track mixed relay!

Telling more about these latest changes, the IOC Director Kit McConnell said that the new additions will inspire more people to join sports and they always strive to bring more innovative gender-balanced games. Also, he was pleased to see the rise in the female participation.

The changes not only focus on being youth-oriented but also in a way that it suits well with both the genders. This 2022 Beijing Olympics will have the highest number of females ever in any Olympic game played. The female quota instead of the usual 41% is taken to 45.44%! That’s a huge rise, buds.

Apart from these things, even the skating will join the International Federation of Biathlon, and even the Curling will be made gender-balanced.

Well, the list doesn’t end there, all other disciplines like the skeleton, speed skating, freestyle, snowboard, cross country will take the gender balance form this time.

Coming to the count of the athletes, it has been reduced by 42 and reached the count of 2892 which is still within the Olympic Chart Framework. All the agenda set for the 2022 games aligns perfectly with that of the 2020 Olympics. Therefore, there is no much change in the selection of the field or venue. This will help in reducing the size of the overall Games.

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