4 New Year Resolution Ideas If You Are a Sports Freak

We do make the promises and then break them easily. It’s kind of similar to the New Year Resolutions. Although, I would never tag any work as a resolution, instead get the work done from Day 1 (if I really want it to happen).

New Year Resolution

But, wait! If you are a sports fanatic and longing to make some improvement in your games then here they are! Thanks to John who shared me these fun ideas.

New Year Resolution Ideas for a Sports Enthusiast

Some may seem crazy, but at the end, I will only list out the facts and what people usually end up doing!

Hockey – It has 2 effing intermissions, that’s actually too much for me. It would be the second intermission and I used to simply give up on the game. So, is it all to blame on the intermission itself? People usually leave the game almost 20 mins earlier than the normal time. You might better watch a Netflix show and sleep for a while, isn’t it? No need for excuses!

Soccer – Why is the resting time, injury time or whatever, so secret? If a person gets injured, he/she is sure to ask for the remaining time. But at some games, the time is kept hidden. As per my opinion, this resting time should get included with the playing time only. What do you think?

Bowling – If you want an ultimate sport experience with the bowling, then go for the 12 frames. As you keep on increasing the number of frames, the number of excitement is sure to hit high.

Tennis –  I checked the tennis match scores, and one of them was 15-30-40. If it was 15-30-45, at least then I would have believed but the previous score! Ugh. The first one to four points, if it leads by 2 points the players wins! How much difficult is that to remember?

The idea is to make the sports fun yet effective, is by keeping aside too many rules. Avoid the chair umpire and the unnecessary replays, and there you are!

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